2020 Newsletter

From our outgoing President, Nathan Karol

Thanks for joining us for our Annual Meeting. Our setup for the virtual meeting may not be comfortable for some and may be overly familiar for others. Thanks to Todd Chamberlain for working as our behind-the-scenes producer. There’s no way to avoid talking about the effects of COVID-19 though I’m sure many of us are simply sick of hearing about it and living with it each day. It’s the reason we’re sitting in front of our screens after all. I want to acknowledge that while many communities and people are affected by the virus, many aspects of our lives continue to move forward and that’s hopeful.  Perhaps changed a bit, but indeed moving forward. Our lake host program is just one of those examples. It’s a very hands-off year as they do their job. They are still able to do their jobs thanks to the work of NH LAKES and everything they put in place to make sure they’re safe.

Six years ago, Linda Braun asked me to get involved with the lake association after years of vacationing on the lake, I was excited about a new way to meet people and be involved in the community that has brought my family and me so many memories. It shaped our lives into becoming lake people. I started my board journey as the website editor. That grew into also including social media. I guess I still in a way continue that role by pushing for updated technology like our new online dues payments and donations. In my professional life, I’ve held positions in sales, marketing, conservation leadership, and most recently as a non-profit executive, which may be why our board embraces my suggested changes or roll their eyes every time I bring something up. That’s okay as I step back, or slightly to the side, for the next couple years on our board. I’m pleased to be joined by our incoming President, Ben Dexter, incoming Vice President, Todd Chamberlain, and our ever-present Secretary, Jillian Miner, who will be joining us for another term as well. As your treasurer in the next term, I plan to focus on the financial health of the association, financial planning, and additional related aspects. A role that has been filled for many, many years by Edie Fallon, to whom we are eternally grateful.

I hope my story gives you an idea of how you can get involved. No matter your skill set, we all have a common thread, a love of Silver Lake. The future of the Lake Association, its mission, its purpose rely on active and engaged volunteers to serve on the board and the committees. We welcome a note from anyone who is interested in lending a hand or lending some time, whatever you may have. There’s so much opportunity to make a positive change and  give back to our lake community.


Membership Dues Online Payments Now Available

All membership invoices have been mailed to members. If you have not received your invoice, please let us know by sending an email to slakenh@gmail.com.

Pay your dues online! Visit our website to pay your membership dues online or make a donation to the Silver Lake Association. 

Officers and Board Members 2020 - 2021

President: Ben Dexter
Vice President: Todd Chamberlain
Secretary: Jillian Miner
Treasurer & President Emeritus: Nathan Karol


Pam Banks

Colleen Barry

Dennis Fallon

Judy Putnam

Ted Braun


New Nomination of Officers & Directors

Julia Pakradooni - 2023

Jeff Miller - 2023

Silver Lake Land Trust 


Treasurer Report

Check out our conversation and breakdown of our report with outgoing and incoming Treasurers Edie Fallon and Nathan Karol!

Bylaws Revision - Vote Passed in 2020 Annual Meeting
The Board has voted to update two sections of our bylaws this year. The first section relates to our terms of office for directors. In an effort to use our small but talented pool of individuals in our lake community more effectively we are seeking your approval on new terms of office verbiage. The new verbiage allows directors to serve two, three-year terms back to back if approved by the board of directors.
The second section update is our committee section. We felt again to use our talent most effectively and efficiently, that an update to our committees was necessary. The proposed changes consolidate some committees and clearly states their purpose.
Please Review Bylaws Changes Here - Red text is new or revised text
Review Current Bylaws Here

How to Help Preserve and Protect Our Community


NH Lakes Association

NH LAKES is the only statewide, member-supported nonprofit organization working to inspire the responsible care and use of all New Hampshire’s 1,000 lakes to keep them healthy for the benefit of current and future generations.

There are a number of free and recorded webinars happening this month to help educate on keeping our lakes clean and healthy.
Check out what they have to offer. 

Lake Host Program Report & Recap Video

This summer the Lake Host Program continues on Silver Lake.  NH Lakes has put in place requirements to keep employees safe. Masks will be worn and social distancing from boaters will be observed. They will not be handing out literature. We have hired four people - Thom Romanello, Emily Duncan Wilson, Eleanor Hayward, and Ryan Fallon.  Our volunteers are Perry Banks and Ben Dexter.  Pam Banks will coordinate the program as the administrative volunteer. Please welcome our lake hosts and remember to Clean, Drain and Dry your boats!  

To lend direct financial support to the Lake Host Program there is a link on the NH Lakes website to direct funds specifically to Silver Lake.  The Link is https://nhlakes.z2systems.com/np/clients/nhlakes/survey.jsp?surveyId=15&. Make sure to select “Silver Lake Association of Chesham and Nelson” when making your donations.

Weed Watching Report

The Silver Lake Weed Watchers conducted three inspections during the summer of 2019 and found no evidence of any invasive species. We perform inspections in June, July and August every summer. We have a group of dedicated volunteers who perform the inspections. Some have been doing this for many years.

One of our best chances for early detection depends on individual property owners. I know most of you are very familiar with your own waterfront. If you see anything new that you do not recognize please let us know as soon as possible and we will be right out to check on it. You can call or text. We are able to contact NH DES and get an answer the same day about what we find. If we do have a problem the sooner we find it the better. If you are out kayaking or on a paddle board and see something that looks different feel free to call. A new milfoil growth will be bright green. 

The main threats to the lake are variable and Eurasian milfoil, fanwort, curly leaf pondweed, hydrilla, and water chestnut. Zebra mussels and Asian clams are also a threat. Detailed information is available at www.des.nh.gov

We would also like to remind everyone to Clean, Drain, and Dry their boat before placing it in the lake. A lot of us have guests who bring their own kayaks when they visit. Please remind them to do the same.

If anyone is interested in becoming a weed watcher please let me know. We are always looking for volunteers. I would like to thank Pam and Perry Banks, Todd Chamberlain, John Croteau, Sara Wilson, Beth Caldwell, Bob Gogolen, Charlotte Porter, Zach Houle, Mary Beth Mollica, Scott and Mackenzie Mason, Julia Pakradooni, Eleanor Drury, Doz Delori and Ted Braun. I appreciate all of your help protecting this beautiful lake. I hope everyone has a great summer. Call me any time. I am at the lake almost every weekend.

Dennis Fallon, Chairman

163 Breed Pond Rd, Nelson
Lake 603-827-3570 
H 603-465-3591
C 603-546-5902 


Water Quality 2019 VLAP Report

Check out a recap of Part 1 and Part 2 

2019 was a year for cancellations.   The VLAP workshop had to be cancelled due to a change in a scheduled power shut down on Hazen Drive and then the Weed Watcher cancellation. Who could have predicted what was to come for 2020.

June 19th was very calm as compared to the windy conditions in 2018.  Intern Airiana Libenson from DES joined us to take a dissolved oxygen and temperature profile and a Phytoplankton sample.
You can see the little shrimp like critters swimming in the collection container.  They have to be preserved with chemicals or they will eat each other before they get to the lab.
Transparency averaged 8.75 meters. Dissolved oxygen was 8.79 mg/l with a temp at 19.5C at 4 meters deep; 10.67 mg/l with a temp at 9.5C at 11 meters deep; 8.27 mg/l with a temp at 6.9C at 20 meters deep.

July 16th was also calm with the lake level low and low to no flow in many tributaries. Rich Rowse joined us and we witnessed an Eagle out fishing for breakfast! Transparency averaged 7.75 meters.

August 20th was also a nice day after some recent rains. We witnessed some bear signs in the Sucker Brook wooded area.
Transparency averaged 9.5 meters.

Observations from DES lab report.

Roger Williams


Just as a reminder, this unusual container wired to a tree at the Stoney Beach boat ramp is for recycling old fishing line. It is another innovation provided to us free by NH Lakes, and is a great way to protect our loons as well as other marine life and water fowl from getting entangled and hurt. We actually have a recycling center to send it to, so please, take the time to use it.

Burn Permits Required

A seasonal fire permit is issued annually and is required if you plan to have a small controlled fire on your property such as a camp or cooking fire 2 to 4 feet in diameter. It must be contained within a ring of fire-resistive material or in a portable fireplace. Any person violating the permit law and who recklessly kindles a fire that causes damage to property or woodlands could incur fines of up to $2000, one year in jail, and become liable for those damages as well as the cost of battling the fire. When the weather is very dry, “no-burning” notices will be posted at the fire house.

Please contact the following for more information and to obtain this free permit:
Wayne Derosia, Fire Chief 603-827-3076
David O’Neil 603-827-3497


Recreation and Safety Report & Video
Official NH Boating Safety Course Online

I hope everyone is enjoying or looking forward to a fun and safe summer on Silver Lake! The volleyball net is up. Thank you Todd Chamberlain for making this happen! There is a volley ball in the tree in its usual spot. If it is missing, cross the lake to 163 Breed Pond Rd. {red cottage} where I have a spare. At this time there are no scheduled events for this summer.

On the Safety side I would like to remind everyone to be courteous and follow the rules which are included below. As residents we should set the example. We get very limited coverage from the Marine Patrol for enforcement so everyone’s cooperation is appreciated. If you are swimming away from the shore out into the main body of the lake please have a boat accompany you as the state recommends. A lone swimmer can be difficult to spot under certain conditions.

Going forward Justin Putzel has agreed to come on as the new Recreation and Safety Chair. It is always great to have new leadership come on board!

· SATURDAY AND SUNDAY SPEED LIMIT: The speed of motorboats shall be no greater than headway speed at all times except between the hours of 12:00 Noon and 6pm (NH Dept. of Safety Chapter 400:SAF-C 402.71).

· HEADWAY SPEED is 6mph, or the slowest speed at which you can still maintain steering, and this applies when within 150 feet of shore, swimmers and other vessels (especially fishing boats with lines in the water) except when starting water skiers.

· RIGHT OF WAY: Motorboats must grant right of way to all watercraft including canoes, kayaks, rowboats and sailboats, and to swimmers.

· DIVERS: Boats must maintain a distance of 150’ from divers at all times...the diver-down flag is a red rectangle with a white diagonal stripe.

· SAFE BOATER EDUCATION CERTIFICATE is required for all operators of boats powered by more than 25hp. Driver must be 16 or older and must carry the certificate on his person while operating. Under 16 may operate if accompanied by a person 18 years or older who has the Certificate. To find out how to obtain your Certificate, click on http://www.boat-ed.com/newhampshire/

· COAST GUARD APPROVED TYPE 1, 2, OR 3 LIFE JACKETS must be carried for all passengers and crew and must be worn by all children 12 and under when riding in any kind of water craft. NOTE: A paddle board is considered a water craft.

· JET SKI CRAFT are prohibited from operating on Silver Lake. NH State Law RSA 270:74

· VIOLATORS OF BOATING RULES AND REGULATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO FINES. · IT WOULD BE A COURTEOUS PRACTICE to respect the privacy of homeowners and maintain a 50’ distance between you and the shore while paddling or


Silver Lake Watershed Best Practices

Visit the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) website

NH Lakes LakeSmart Program 

Loon Protection Report & Video

2020 Loon Report

Hear directly from the head of our Loon committee from the site of this year's nest in this video. 

Local Contacts
Things have changed, and so have open offices, hours and availability at our favorite local stops. 

Harrisville Selectmen’s Office 603-827-3431
Jay Jacobs (Chair), Kathleen Scott and Andrea Hodson selectmen@harrisvillenh.org

Harrisville Town Clerk, Cathy Lovas 603-827-5546
Harrisville Tax Collector, Jeannine Dunne 603-827-5546, Ext.24
Harrisville Police Department, Chief Buddy Driscoll 603-827-2903
Harrisville Fire Department, Chief Wayne Derosia 603-827-3412
Harrisville Recycling Center, Randy Tarr, Jr 603-827-2920 Fri. 10am-5pm, Sat. 8am-5pm
Harrisville Public Library 7 Canal Street, Susan Weaver, Director 603-827-2918 sweaver@harrisville.lib.nh.us http://harrisvillepubliclibrary.blogspot.com/

Olivia Rodham Memorial Library 1 Nelson Common Road, Nelson, Kris Finnegan, Librarian 847-3214...Monday and Saturday 10am-1pm...Tues.& Wed 3-7pm...Thurs.1-5pm


kofinnegan@harrisville.lib.nh.us. July 10,17,24,31...4pm...Summer Reading Program Nelson

Selectmen’s Office 7 Nelson Common Road 603-847-0047
Maury Collins, David Upton (Chair) and Gary Robinson
Administrative Assistant, Edie Drinkwater execadmin@nelsonnh.us

Selectmen meet every other Wed.3pm...please call in advance to place an item on the agenda Nelson Town Clerk/Tax Collector...Julia Lennon...847-9043...townclerk@nelsonnh.us Nelson Fire Department...Chief Jason Walter...847-9045
Burn Permits are now available online through the Division of Forests and Lands at nhdfl.org

Nelson Police Department...7 Nelson Common Road...Chief Richard Pratt...355-2000
Aldworth Manor 184 Aldworth Manor Rd, Harrisville 603-903-7547
The Harrisville General Store 29 Church Street 603-827-3138
Harrisville Designs 4 Mill Alley 603-827-3996...4 Mill Alley www.harrisville.com
Brown House Bakery 613 Chesham Rd., Harrisville 603-827-3100...Thursday-Sunday 7am-2pm. Cheryl Moschan will sell baked goods, breakfast items, lunch specials, soups, sandwiches and homemade bread. Follow them on facebook for the daily specials. Some light catering also. Grand Monadnock Maple Farm...149 Breed Rd. Maple syrup, maple candy, maple cream, wed- ding favors, custom packaged syrup...email info@monadnockmaple.com for an appointment. Community Church of Harrisville & Chesham...827-3733...13 Canal Street...10am Sunday ...Pastor Traceymay Kalvaitis
Chapel by the Lake Methodist Church...529 Granite Lake Rd., Munsonville Sundays 11am...chapelbythelakeumc@gmail.com...847-9999
Nelson Congregational Church...Sundays 9:30am...Pastor Dawn Garrett-Larsen...847-3280

Arrivals and Departures

Joseph Hugh Dumont, Born 12/22/2019 Great Grandparents George and the late Betty Austermann of 70 Westside Road and Peterborough, Grandparents Karl and Deborah Austermann of Littleton, MA and Bryan and Nicole (Austermann) Dumont of Ashburnham, MA. Joey joins sister's, Clara Elizabeth 5 1/2 yrs and Reece Josephine 3yrs. They all love being at Silver Lake!

Beckett Christopher Austermann, Born 7/30/2020 Great Grandparents George and the late Betty Austermann of 70 Westside Road and Peterborough NH, Granddparents, Deborah and Karl Austermann of Littleton , MA, parents, Christopher and Ashley Austermann of Littleton, MA. This is Ashley and Christopher's first child! 

The skilled hands of the creative hair stylist fell still with the passing of Doris M. Berthiaume 92, a lifelong resident of Keene, NH, on Wednesday, August 28, 2019 at Langdon Place of Keene.

Howard P. Ross passed away unexpectedly on September 30, 2019 in Salt Lake City, Utah, from complications caused by pneumonia. He will be dearly missed during summers at the lake, family game nights, and for his sense of humor.

Max Chretien, of Waltham, died after a long and well-lived life at his home on Monday, July 1, 2019. He was 95. Max lived a wonderful life and was happiest when he was with his family in the quiet setting of their cottage in New Hampshire. 

Pamela Shaw, 67, of Jersey City, N.J., died Sept. 3, 2019. She started TigerPaw Shaw Designs and volunteered with the Companion Animal Trust of Jersey City. She was involved with helping hurt and lost animals, but was best known for her ability to re-home stray cats. Pam especially enjoyed her time spent at the family cottage on Silver Lake in Harrisville.

Michael J. Saunders 77, a lifelong resident of Keene, NH, and a friend to many within our community, will be greatly missed with his passing on Friday, November 29, 2019 at the Keene Center Genesis, Court Street, Keene.

William Wallace "Wally" Francis, 89, died Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2019, of heart failure. Wally and wife Mamie lived a vigorous and happy life at their home in Maryland before Mamie died of cancer in 2003. Wally spent his remaining years living part-time in New Hampshire, bringing wit, intelligence and hard work to bear on many projects here, the conservation of forested land to protect the New Hampshire watershed chief among them.

Timothy M. Kelly, 67, of Spofford, peacefully passed away on Jan. 26, 2020, with family by his side. He was an avid fan of the New England Patriots, enjoyed watching pro-golf tournaments and spending time at his seasonal home on Silver Lake. He was most proud of his two grown children and was fondly called “Pop Pop” by his grandchildren. 

Town of Harrisville 150th Celebration
Now celebrating July 2, 3 & 4 2021!
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Town-wide celebration to include: 

From our incoming President, Ben Dexter

We did it! We were able to use this new technology to manage our meeting and you all handled it so well. This association is a resilient and capable group that can try something new. This year has many challenges and I know those challenges aren't going away soon. Like many of you, I mourn the loss of some practices that are so key to our community. I also look forward to the opportunities we have leverage tools and try something new. Phone calls will always be there. We have new video chats. And the lake gives us plenty of space to keep our distance and catch up on the latest news with neighbors. We are a strong community that can handle this and I look forward to what we can do next.