Lake Regulations

The following rules insure that Silver Lake remains a healthy body of water that is safe for future generations.


2.  Boaters must stay 150′ away from other boats, objects, or shoreline if traveling more than 6 mph (headway speed), and 150′ away from divers at all times. The diver-down FLAG is a red rectangle with white diagonal stripe.

3.  No waterskiing weekdays sunset to sunrise.

*Violators are subject to a $200 fine*


Unless required for emergency or special training situations, limit diving to areas within 150′ of shore or where headway speed limits are in effect.

Jet Ski Craft

Jet ski craft are PROHIBITED from operating on Silver Lake.  (NH Dept. of Safety 270:74)

*Violators are subject to a $200 fine*

Emergencies and Other Issues

In the event of an emergency or dangerous situation, please call 911 for emergency services. Other non-emergency issues can be reported to the NH Marine Patrol.

Touring Boaters, Visitors and Newcomers

Help us keep our lake healthy and free from harmful invasive weeds and zebra mussels by following the critical steps mandated by NH Fish and Game.  Whenever you leave a body of water and prior to launch in Silver Lake:

1.  Remove any visible mud, plants, fish or animals.

2.  Drain water from equipment (engine water intake systems, live wells, bait buckets).

3.  Clean and dry anything that comes into contact with water (boats, trailers, equipment, etc.)

4.  Never release plants, fish or animals into a body of water unless they came out of that body of water.


Be sure to use our paved parking area next to the boat launch. If you need to park along Breed Road, be sure to pull all the way off the pavement to keep the road clear and be careful when entering and exiting your vehicle. Non-emergency issues in the area can be reported to local police:  603-827-2903 or

Loon Protection

The common loon is a “threatened species” which could move into the “endangered” category if we are not careful. They are protected by State and Federal Statutes, and you can help us to protect them as follows:

1.  Please stay away at all times!  Disturbance of the nesting area can cause nest abandonment and/or loss of young.

2.  The State of NH studies even the broken eggs after the chicks are born, so please never disturb the nesting area.

3.  Keep your distance from the loons when boating.  Take your photos with a zoom lens.

4.  Know the Law.  “Harassment of loons can result in a one year jail term and/or a fine of up to $2,000."

To report harassment please call:  800.344.4262